Thursday, May 9, 2013

First Preview Picture Of Gadget's New TV Series?

As you've probably noticed for the past six months, I really, really haven't got much time for blogging these days. (Without going into detail, my studies are very intense at the moment, so I've had to temporarily postpone pretty much all plans for this site.) But even so... how could I resist showcasing what I discovered this morning on the home page of DHX Media? The image has actually already been taken down by DHX (perhaps signaling that someone leaked it online a little too early?); but below, you can find picture proof in form of a screenshot from my computer, taken earlier tonight, of DHX's web site. (UPDATE: For more proof of the picture's source, you can also see it on its original image url from DHX Media. I elaborate a little on this at the end of the post.)

So what have we got here? A low-res image that - very briefly - served as the thumbnail for Inspector Gadget in the 'Shows' section of DHX's site. If you clicked on the image (like I tried), you would simply be taken to the standard presentation of the Inspector Gadget series, complete with a video of the 1983 intro... so there's no way to tell for certain that the temporary thumbnail picture was a preview of the new series. But thinking logically, what other reasons could the image have for being there? It looks nothing like the standard, crappily drawn promotional art for the original series - and more to the point, it's not even drawn! My theory: This was a subtly placed teaser for the new Gadget series, as well as the first reveal of the animation technique. Judging by this image, the new series will be CGI.

I'm also half-way wondering if the placing of the thumbail picture on DHX's site was hinting at something more: That the upcoming series will be a revival of the original show, rather than a reimagining. I've mentioned this theory before, and if it's true, it might actually make sense that the thumbnail image simply linked to the basic description of the old series... because this basic description will perhaps also apply to the new series. The image above is certainly giving me a very classic vibe.

In fact, even if I'm not 100% sure how well CGI will work, I think Gadget's design looks pretty charming. (In terms of charm and appeal, it's certainly miles ahead of anything seen in the 2005 horrendous direct-to-video CGI feature, Inspector Gadget's Biggest Caper Ever.) Gadget seems a bit simplified and streamlined compared to his 1983 design - the chin and ears are more rounded, for instance - but overall I love seeing how close this is to the Inspector's vintage appearance. Also, without knowing anything about how this design will move in animation, I'd say he seems fairly elastic and expressive.

Again, though, I have to stress that much of this is speculation on my part. The only thing I know for a fact is that, earlier today, what looks like a CGI-rendered image of Inspector Gadget was being used as a thumbnail in DHX Media's 'Shows' site. Sometimes during the past few hours (yes, really - you'll just have to take my word for that), the image was taken down and replaced with a piece of standard promotional art for the 1983 series. Everything beyond that is open to interpretation...

...your thoughts?

UPDATE (May 10): Through some creative Googling, I actually managed to find the original image url to the picture! Even though DHX removed it from their 'Shows' thumbnail section, the picture is still located in the same parent directory on So click here for further proof that this image does indeed come directly from DHX Media! The image file is dated March 26, 2013 in DHX's parent directory folder (scroll down alphabetically to "thumb_inspector_gadget.png" to find it)... though I'm pretty sure it wasn't used as a thumbnail on the 'Shows' site until fairly recently. But it's interesting that this CGI image of Gadget is apparently many weeks old already.


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    1. I totally agree - FINALLY something to look at! :) Keep in mind, though, this is not an official announcement of any kind... just a picture from DHX's site which MIGHT be a preview of the new series.

      But provided that it really is a preview... what do you think of Gadget's new CGI look? :)

    2. I think it looks good! Certainly not as fugly as the straight to video version.

  2. I think he looks fine in CGI personally, but i'll always prefer his classic style :D Can't wait!

  3. Ack ack ack! So CUTE! Yes...although I liked his revamp in G&TG, for CGI this looks pretty close to the original. I really hope they are indeed going through with this...and that they're bringing Maurice LaMarche back for Gadget's voice, and Brian Drummond for Claw. Thanks so much for the update!!

    1. Maurice LaMarche as Gadget: Sounds fine.

      Brian Drummond as Dr Claw: Please, no! I hate his Claw voice in all the reboots from the previous decade! Whereas Frank Welker's original Dr Claw sounded gleefully evil and genuinely sinister, Drummond's Dr Claw comes across as older and less threatening - at times, he even sounds like he struggles doing the deep voice. It feels pretty obvious that Drummond is trying to imitate Welker, but to me, he's simply not convincing as Claw. Either get Frank Welker or someone who is at least capable of coming closer to Welker's great performance from the 1983 series.

  4. Alright, apparently it's CGI and they're making 26 11 minute episodes
    "Inspector Gadget DHX Media - 26 x 11 minutes Premiere Date TBC on TELETOON MAD Agents, look out! Criminals, beware! Bystanders ... take cover! Inspector Gadget is back to battle Dr. Claw with all- new gadgets - and all-new gadget-related chaos. But the loveable, bumbling, accidentally-destructive Inspector is not alone in the fight to take down MAD. His ever trusty police-dog, Brain, is still by his side and he's getting extra crime-fighting help from his new partner, Inspector-in-training Penny. With MAD more powerful than ever and with the arrival of Dr. Claw's evil-genius (and totally crush-worthy) nephew, Penny and Brain will need to use every ounce of their training to keep the world safe from Dr. Claw ... and Gadget. "

    So far this does not seem to be the reboot I've been looking forward to for 4+ years, but I'll give it a chance... Although that description doesn't look promising.

    1. Thanks for the info! :) I got a newsletter e-mail from DHX about it earlier today (I started subscribing to them in case one of the newsletters would contain information about the new series), but this press release has much more info. I have mixed feelings about the description myself, especially when it comes to the part about Dr Claw's (crush-worhty?!?) nephew. Hopefully I'll get the time to do a post about it tomorrow.

      Also, since the new press releases confirm CGI as the animation technique, I'm becoming more and more certain that the image showcased in this post is indeed from the upcoming series. :)