Friday, January 22, 2016

My List of Global Premiere Dates for DHX's Inspector Gadget Series

It had to happen sooner or later. For over a year now, my right-hand news column about DHX's reboot show has included an ever-growing list of worldwide premiere dates (and broadcasters). Today, however, I'm removing that list from the news column and transferring it to this blog post. I felt at the time that it was important to cover the worldwide launch of the series properly; especially since my readers come from a lot of different countries. But that time is past now. While I can't be 100% sure, I don't think there is any major area left for the reboot to debut in - or at least, certainly not coming up anytime soon. And the most recent big launch I can think of, on Teletoon Canada, is more than four months old already.

This is not a truly complete list. I can think of at least a couple different countries' premieres that slipped through my fingers, either for lack of time to update or because I only found out about the show airing in that specific country long after the actual premiere (researching exact dates in retrospect can be a pain). And even excluding those, I wouldn't be surpriced if I missed hearing about some areas altogether. If any of my readers knows something missing from this list, regarding ANY country's broadcasting channel or premiere date, I would love to hear from you. This post can certainly be updated over time.

It has been a ton of work researching the new series' whereabouts in so many different countries. Honestly, had I known just how much work before going in, I likely wouldn't have done it. But since I HAVE done it, I might as well preserve this list for posterity. Maybe years from now, it can be useful to someone else researching aspects of the Inspector Gadget franchise's history.

Speaking of research, I'm adding one thing to the list below which was not included in the news margin version: Direct links to all the blog posts where I originally reported the various premiere dates. In a few of those posts you may hear me sounding somewhat uncertain about this and that exact date (most of them were written in advance of the air date in question); but as of this writing, to my knowledge, all of the dates are correct and accounted for. If you should have information saying otherwise, let me know.

Now then, on to the lists...


  • Teletoon in Canada.
  • Netflix in the United States.
  • Super RTL in Germany.
  • France 3 in France.
  • Boing in Spain.
  • Boomerang in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Australia and probably even more places.

UPDATE (April 23, 2016): I added Boomerang Turkey to the list of premiere dates.


  1. Hi Mesterius, I have an original Bandai "Circuit Gadget" activity game from 1984. The game itself is in excellent condition; all the original pieces, including the styrofoam balls with Gadget printed on them. And it still works. Its also still in its original box, with is quite weathered on the sides. There is very little information about this toy on the internet; do you have any idea what it would be worth these days? I live in Australia, btw. Thanks!

    1. Hi there! :) I'm afraid I've never done much detail research on the Inspector Gadget toys, and certainly not on their prices; so I wouldn't know. I guess I'd recommend checking if others are selling it on Ebay and other such places, and see what prices it goes for there.