Friday, July 24, 2015

A Boing Spain Update: The New Inspector Gadget Premieres at 17:50 Tomorrow

As you may remember, I posted on Monday about the Boing channel in Spain having picked up the Gadget reboot for Spanish broadcast, with the premiere slated for Saturday, July 25. The exact air time of the first episode wasn't known there and then - but it is now. As we can see on SincroGuíaTV under "Sábado 25 de julio":

So: Episode 1 airs tomorrow at 17:50 in the evening, inbetween the two other newcomers, Masha and the Bear and Mr. Bean. SincroGuía also says that episode 2 will air in the same slot on Sunday... so most likely, this is Gadget's permanent slot on Boing for the weekends to come.

Oh, and check out Boing's lavish site for Inspector Gadget! (Yeah, let's hope this gets expanded a bit with time...)

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