Tuesday, July 21, 2015

BREAKING: Season 2 of DHX's Inspector Gadget Is Coming

Found this a moment ago and had to post about it. Remember how, back in May, I quoted an "Earnings Call" session with DHX CEO Dana Landry in which Landry sounded very positive about a second season of the new Gadget series? Well -- take a look at the recently updated LinkedIn page of Josh Saltzman, a DHX employee who wrote several Season 1 episodes of the reboot:

In black and white: "Josh Saltzman - Executive Story Editor/Co-Head Writer of Inspector Gadget Season 2 at DHX Media". As well as confirming Season 2 as underway, this marks a crew change from Season 1, which was executive-story edited by Doug Hadders and Adam Rotstein. Also of interest, scrolling down a bit to Saltzman's "Experience" section, we can see this:

Executive Story Editor/Co-Head Writer of Inspector Gadget Season 2
DHX Media
July 2015 – Present (1 month) NETFLIX 
Co-Head writing the reboot of the classic 80's toon. Season 1 is on Netflix now

So the second season just went into the making, writing-wise, sometimes this month. Talk about fresh news. I'm not sure exactly when this info went up on Saltzman's LinkedIn, but a narrowed-down Google search gives an estimate of 3 days ago.

Got any wishes for Season 2? I can think of a few off the top of my head myself...

--Shuki Levy's original Inspector Gadget composition being used for the theme song.
--A seriously menacing and threatening Dr Claw (hey, at least I can dream).
--22-minute-long episodes being the rule rather than the exception. This could potentially allow for more involving stories and perhaps even long-term character development.

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  1. I think in season 2 talon (claw's nephew) will be had enough by his uncle's bossyness