Saturday, August 20, 2011

Buy The Comic Book NOW from Viper's Online Store (or Amazon)!

Yep, just checked!... Inspector Gadget is officially listed for sale at Viper Comics' online Book Store! Click here to buy the 48-page book for $5.95! (Or alternatively, buy it on Amazon if you prefer that. It seems to be in stock at a lot of online places right now, which is probably the best confirmation we can get for the fact that the comic book you see right below these words is FINALLY OUT! :)

Oh, and before I forget: Viper's store is also offering two other versions of the Gadget comic. One, the Free Comic Book Day Issue with the first 15 pages (for $0.99); and two, the San Diego Comic Con Issue, which is just like the regular 48-page issue except for a specially drawn cover which makes it more expensive ($7.95). There, now you know. Happy purchasing! 

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