Monday, June 16, 2014

Cartoon Network Will Air the New Inspector Gadget Series in the United States

Some days, the news just keeps popping up. And some days, even one sentence mentioned in passing can contain big news - as seen in yesterday's Globe and Mail piece on DHX's revival of Teletubbies:

DHX is scouring its own library, looking for other titles that could merit a remake. New Teletubbies episodes will stick closely to the original feel, but another of its ongoing reclamation projects involves a substantial refresh of the popular 1980s cartoon Inspector Gadget, which will air on Teletoon in Canada and the Cartoon Network in the U.S.

So now we know. The new Gadget series has an American home - on Cartoon Network. Considering that Boomerang picked it up in France, I suppose CN in the U.S. was always a pretty likely scenario (in fact, commenter wile-e2005 guessed it several months ago).

Any CN viewers out there looking forward to this?


  1. Please if you can, put some images or trailers about how will look the new IG style!

    1. No trailer has been released yet, but a few high-res images of Gadget's new design were released last summer. You can find them in one of my earlier blog posts:

      Also, you can actually see a picture of Gadget's new design at the upper right corner of this site, under "New CGI TV Series In Production" - and if you press that picture, you can see all the posts I have written so far about the reboot show.