Monday, February 2, 2015

Boomerang Italy Pre-Premieres "Gadget 2.0" Today (February 2) at 19:00

Small update to mention this:

Un febbraio rivoluzionario su Boomerang, canale 609 di Sky, poiché è tempo di novità! Dal 2 febbraio il canale dei classici e dei cult dell’animazione sorprenderà i suoi piccoli e grandi spettatori con un nuovo logo, una nuova grafica e tante novità in palinsesto. 
Per festeggiare il “nuovo look” del canale il 2 febbraio alle 19 arrivano in anteprima i primi due episodi della nuova serie de L’Ispettore Gadget, che dal 16 febbraio andrà in onda in esclusiva Prima TV su Boomerang tutti i giorni alle 19.00. (...)

In English:

A February revolution on Boomerang, channel 609 on Sky, because it is time for news! February 2 the channel of classic and cult animation will surprise its small and big audiences with a new logo, a new look and many new features in the schedule. 
To celebrate the "new look" of the channel comes on February 2 at 19:00 the first two episodes of the new series of Inspector Gadget, which from February 16 will air exclusively in first-run premiere on Boomerang daily at 19:00. (...)

So to everyone in Italy reading this: Tune in today - or more to the point, this evening - to catch the first half-hour episode of the new series. Because, yes, that's what the above press release actually means. You get both parts of "Gadget 2.0", which really is episode 1 (1a and 1b) from a production perspective. The reason I'm so sure of this is, Sky's TV Guide for Boomerang tells us that today's Ispettore Gadget broadcast lasts for 25 minutes (and the link to the airing itself includes the episode title):


  1. Hello! I am the same Italian fan of last time! Last day my sister takes this picture in Rome, my city. This is a bus. I hope you like it ( by the way I am Vanessa, nice to meet you ;) )

    1. Hi again Vanessa, nice to meet you too. :) And thanks for the photo from your sister... that's a very fun ad. :D