Friday, January 30, 2015

Big Video Ad Roundup

A number of video ads I've observed over the past several weeks haven't yet found their way into a post, so here's a roundup of all the ads not featured before. Let me know if you find others!

First, here's a very recent English-language trailer which was strangely uploaded by CartoonNetworkBG, CN's official, Bulgarian YouTube channel. (Wouldn't the series on Boomerang Bulgaria be in Bulgarian language?)

...and here is the exact same trailer in Romanian language! Uploaded by the official CNetworkRomania channel.

Here's one which was published back on January 10 by OSN, a channel provider operating within the Middle East and Africa. Notice that this uses the same English narrator - and even many of the same lines - as the above ad from CN Bulgaria.

Also worth noting is that the OSN trailer is basically an English-language version of the below French trailer (which I already posted here), with slightly different background music.

Moving on to Boomerang UK, here's a general preview of the new UK slate, with Gadget popping up at 00:23.

And here's a UK trailer specifically for Inspector Gadget. The quality is pretty terrible, and the beginning of the ad seems to be missing, but it will do until a better version pops up online.

From Super RTL, a trailer for the many new kids' series in their TOGGO program block. Gadget clips at 00:17 and 00:55.

Finally, for the sake of completion, here's an ad for the Southeast Asia feed. It's very similar to the one I posted here from TVB Network Vision, including the same clip of Gadget at 00:14; but with different background music and (at times) editing.

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  1. Let me clarify a bit.
    Here in Bulgaria, I think we are getting the International Boomerang or it is the Romanian one. That's why the ads are so close. And that's why it is in English. While Cartoon Network is fully in Bulgarian already. I'm not so sure, I can't say for certain, because I just haven't checked stuffs. Plus, I'm just a regular watcher, so I don't have any connection with medias. :-)