Monday, December 29, 2014

Creditless New Series Intro Sequence

Part 2 of my commentary on the new series ("The Intro Sequence") is getting delayed because I'm suddenly expanding on what I'd already written, and enjoying doing so. To give you a small teaser; compared with Part 1, this will be less of a rant and more of a here's-what-I-like-here's-what-I-don't-like piece. Not to mention that it will contain one of the certified trademarks of this blog - Obsessive Detail Observation™.

Anyway, to tide you over in the meantime, I thought I'd share something very much related: A 720p HD version of the intro which I found over on the Canadian news site CBC News, published on December 22 with the following title/caption: "Meet the new Inspector Gadget / DHX Media shared this sneak peek of their new Inspector Gadget opening sequence." What's interesting about this version is not only higher resolution than the World Screen clip (in fact, that bit is kind of annoying since CBC's video player takes about 20 seconds to shift to HD), but also that it doesn't have any written credits on top of the image, like the version on World Screen does. The intro used in the actual episodes will almost certainly be the World Screen variant, so this feels like a nice bonus view, letting us focus more on the animation. Just have patience when you start watching. If your viewing experience is anything like mine, the HD quality should appear about 20 seconds in...


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  2. I somehow paused the video at the exact moment to catch this-
    GADGET's BALD ABOVE HIS HAT!!! In biggest caper ever we see his head a couple of times and he had full head of hair and there was an old video sleeve that showed him with quite smart hair.

  3. Unless, they didn't bother giving him hair there because it's the 1 shot that it'd ever be shown

  4. The only time we see a Gadget bald is in the episode "The Infiltration" when MAD agent master of disguise Presto-Change-o who's disguised as Gadget to deliver some secrets from the police conference to Dr. Claw. Close but no cigar. ;-)

    And in the 2nd live-action movie with French Stewart who replaced Matthew Broderick as Gadget. We see Gadget with some hairs before he put his hat. However the live-action movies isn't in the same continuity as the cartoon. Let's see it's set in a alternate universe/parralel universe different from the cartoons. ;-)