Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Updated New Series Episode Guide (Including The Correct Title For #6b)

Foxtel's shedule for Boomerang Australia has now reached January 12, meaning that a few more episode titles of the new series is included in the guide. One thing which surpriced me is that Inspector Gadget will actually not only air on weekdays in Australia, as previously announced; but on every single day of the week, including the weekends. After half-hours 1-5 are aired - during Monday, January 5 to Friday, January 10 - the 4:30 pm schedule will continue right on during Saturday and Sunday with episodes 6 and 7, before being followed by episode 8 on Monday.

In addition to that revised info, I found this update worthwile for a couple of reasons. One, I've changed episode 2b's title to simply "Game Over, Man", which is its onscreen title on World Screen, and almost certainly the correct version. Two, Boomerang Australia's guide finally reveals the correct title for episode 6b (see 'Sat 10 Jan'), which was erroneously listed as "Sucks Like Mad" in Super RTL's German guide. Its actual title is "A Claw For Talon", which matches the translated German title, "Eine Krallen-Hand für Titus". And speaking of Super RTL, TV Info has updated its German schedule with half-hours 8 and 9. Below is the full updated guide pieced together from both sources. (Note that I'm not including the German titles this time around. They can be found on TV Info's site for those who are interested.)

Episode 1
1a. Gadget 2.0 Part 1
1b. Gadget 2.0 Part 2

Episode 2
2a. Towering Towers
2b. Game Over, Man

Episode 3
3a. Rock Out
3b. Strike A Pose

Episode 4
4a. Better Class Of MAD
4b. Cough Due To Claw

Episode 5
5a. Dog Show Days Are Over
5b. One Bad Apple

Episode 6
6a. Sucks Like MAD
6b. A Claw For Talon

Episode 7
7a. Gadget's Da Bomb
7b. Gadget Management

Episode 8
8a. Diamonds are a MAD's Best Friend
8b. Ticked Off

Episode 9
9a. You Know the Drill
9b. Operation HQ Reunion

As I was typing the above info on Boomerang Australia's daily schedule, I couldn't help but think of the following. This TV series went into pre-production in late 2011 or early 2012. (Probably the former, considering that the earliest known statement about it is from January 2012, and it was likely being developed for at least a little while prior to that.) The series has taken about three years to develop and produce. And now, all of its 26 half-hours will be aired on Boomerang Australia in less than four weeks. Kinda funny looking at it from that perspective.

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