Saturday, December 13, 2014

More New Episode Titles and Screenshots [UPDATED]

TV Info has added the German schedule information for two more half-hours of the new Gadget series in addition to the five we already knew. One English episode title is missing, sadly, but here's the full updated list, including episodes 6 and 7 at the bottom:

Episode 1
1a. Gadget 2.0 - Part 1
1b. Gadget 2.0 - Part 2 

Episode 2 
2a. Towering Towers
2b. Game Over Man, Game Over 

Episode 3
3a. Rock Out 
3b. Strike A Pose 

Episode 4
4a. Better Class Of MAD
4b. Cough Due To Claw 

Episode 5
5a. Dog Show Days Are Over
5b. One Bad Apple

Episode 6
6a. Sucks Like MAD
6b. ? (titled "Eine Krallen-Hand für Titus" in German).

Episode 7
7a. Gadget's Da Bomb
7b. Gadget Management

Now, as you can see, episode 6b's English title is missing... and the reason for that is, the episode guide sent out by Super RTL mistakenly lists the English titles for both #6a and #6b as "Sucks Like MAD". Looking at the German title and synopsis for #6a, "Der Saugotron 9000", it's quite obious that this is "Sucks Like MAD", since the plot is centered around a vacuum cleaner. (Yep, I know enough German to see that without translating.) So that leaves us without a known English title for #6b right now. Ah well. Here's the German Super RTL schedule for episodes 6 and 7, including my direct translations of the German titles...

Saturday, January 24, 2015 at 19:45 - Episode 6
6a. Der Saugotron 9000 [The Suck-O-Tron 9000] - Sucks Like MAD
6b. Eine Krallen-Hand für Titus [A Claw Hand For Talon] - ?

Friday, January 30, 2015 at 19:45 - Episode 7
7a. Eine explosive Pizza [An Explosive Pizza] - Gadget's Da Bomb
7b. Das MAD-Agenten-Treffen [The M.A.D. Agent Gathering] - Gadget Management

And not least, here's the rest of the new screenshots...

From episode 6a, "Sucks Like MAD".

From episode 6. Penny and Brain are chasing Talon... or trying, anyway.
Note: The site caption for this actually says they're chasing "den Sohn
von Doktor Kralle", i. e. Dr Claw's son. Get your info together, TV Info. 

From episode 6.

From episode 7a, "Gadget's Da Bomb". 

...and a rerun of the top image, which i find cute and a bit interesting. This is from episode 6, though I don't know which part. Looking at the background, it's hard not to make associations to the classic episode "Haunted Castle", and the strong use of purple in the background indicates to me that this is one of Dr Claw's castles... 'cause, like it or not, purple is M.A.D.'s new black. Might we be seeing a new horror-themed episode? (I do hope, by the way, that this really is only ONE of Dr Claw's castles, and that he has multiple bases and headquarters around the world, as in the original season 1. The thought driven home by later reboots that he would have only one home base, which everybody knows the location of, is ridiculous.)

Is Gadget protecting himself or his family here? Maybe both.

UPDATE (December 15): The TV Info site for episode 6 (specifically for its rerun on January 25, at 09:35) actually added one screenshot after I checked it on Saturday. Here it is... and look who's fighting...

UPDATE #2 (December 16): I just noticed that, for some bizarre reason, I had misspelled the title of episode #7a as "Gadget Da Bomb", whereas its real title is "Gadget's Da Bomb". This is especially weird to me as I distinctly remember double-checking all the episode titles and coming to the conclusion that "Gadget Da Bomb" was correct. But I've now checked three different sources, and the correct title is indeed "Gadget's Da Bomb". I've corrected the mistake throughout the post.


  1. Just as I was starting to get into the idea of the new gadget, they go and do something incredibly idiotic like have his head swell up to a stupid size. And the things bigger than he is coming out of his hat, plus a missile, why would a policeman need a missile?

    1. The other new screenshots however look encouraging for the new series

    2. Haha, I have to admit I agree with that. :P I didn't mention it in the post, but my first thought when seeing the screenshot from "Gadget Da Bomb" was, "Oh god... is this show going to be THAT over the top?" I do hope the plot manages to justify it somewhat, but that moment still seems extremely wacky. I'm glad you mentioned that you like the other screenshots, though... so do I. (Including the new one I recently updated this post with.)

  2. there are things about the reboot that I like, being able to see Gadget's eyebrows for one. I reckon the reason they made his coat shorter was because it requires less controls. I reckon in that shot, either a bomb's gone off in his head (given the title) or whatever tech shrinks/enlarges his gadgets when they come out gets shorted out. why do you suppose they always miss off the stormpatches from his coat in every remake/ reboot?