Monday, January 19, 2015

Boomerang in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to Premiere the Gadget Reboot on February 16, 2015

Some surpricing (for me, at least) developments: Seems Super RTL will not be the only channel to air the reboot in Germany. I've come across a German-language PDF press release of February "Programmhighlights" on Boomerang, with Inspector Gadget as one of them. For some reason the PDF's url doesn't seem to show anything, but here's the relevant part via Google Cache:

„Inspector Gadget“
Senderpremiere der ersten Staffel ab Montag,
16. Februar, immer montags bis freitags um 16:10 Uhr
Inspektor Gagdet ist wieder da! Der lustige Detektiv mit den
vielen technischen Spielereien ist ab 16. Februar immer mon-
tags bis freitags um 16:10 Uhr bei Boomerang zu sehen. In der
ersten Staffel stürzt sich Inspektor Gadget in den Kampf ge-
gen den bösen Dr. Kralle. Seine Ungeschicklichkeit steht ihm
dabei jedoch immer wieder im Weg, weshalb ihn seine Nichte
mit der Hilfe ihres Computer-Buches öfter aus der Patsche
ziehen muss.

First part in English: 

Broadcast premiere of the first season on Monday, February 16, every Monday to Friday at 16:10 

There's some contact information for the PR coordinator for Boomerang Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the bottom, which is what leads me to assume that this information goes for all three countries. And adding to that, I have some actual TV schedules for Germany and Austria. The schedules both offer one contradiction to the above press release, though: The airing time is stated as 16:35 in the afternoon, rather than 16:10. Here's a snapshot of TVinfo's Boomerang schedule for February 16, 2015 (as well as the next three days):

Meanwhile, the Boomerang guide at Sky Österreich (go to February 16 in the calendar) shows the exact same shedule for Austria. Here's a program page for the first scheduled broadcast of "Gadget 2.0".

Notably, this Germany-Austria-Switzerland debut is on the same date as both the UK and Italy Gadget premieres, but does not appear to be synchronized with those countries.

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