Wednesday, January 21, 2015

More German Trailers from Super RTL and Boomerang DE

Remember the news that Boomerang in Germany (as well as in Switzerland and Austria) will air the new series from February 16 onwards? It appears the strategy is that Super RTL debuts the episodes first, then the German Boomerang channel gives them a second launch. Here's the first trailer uploaded on Boomerang DE's YouTube page - "Demnächst: Inspector Gadget" ("Coming soon: Inspector Gadget").

Oh, and remember those character-specific trailers on Super RTL's Toggo site that will only play on cel phones? Good news! Toggo has now uploaded all three of them in full HD to its YouTube channel. Here are the trailers for Gadget, Penny and Brain, and Dr Claw and Talon, respectively:

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