Saturday, July 30, 2011

When Are We Getting The Comic Book?

Well, Inspector Gadget's official, first comic book issue from Viper Comics should supposedly have been out in June - but still no physical sign of it anywhere according to the various retailers I've asked here in Atlanta, Georgia (where I'm currently vacationing). One Barnes and Noble store suggested that it was either sold out or never printed, and another was 99% certain it had never been printed. So there ya go. Adding to this, Dave's Comics and Collectibles thinks it won't be out until August. They sound like they know what they're talking about so I'll treat that thinking as a fact until something else turns up. Not least because Viper's official site says nothing whatsoever about this delay...

UPDATE (August 1): According to the good people at Oxford Comics and Games, the first issue of Viper Comics' Inspector Gadget series is currently scheduled for December 28, 2011(!). This is, of course, a mysteriously long delay for a book which is reportedly already written and drawn. Oxford's theory: It's simply a temporary estimate from Viper because they don't know as of yet exactly when the book will be out. The guy I was talking to still thought it might be published within the next couple of months.

UPDATE #2 (August 18): The comic book is apparently out. Check my other update.