Monday, September 26, 2011

Cool Animated GIFs at

If you've ever wanted animated GIFs starring our favorite Inspector, this is your lucky day. I just discovered the site "Go, Gadget, Go!", which, according to its description, is "A blog dedicated to the 80s cartoon, Inspector Gadget". Sounds familiar? However, unlike the blog you're currently reading, "Go, Gadget, Go!" is a tumblr site consisting almost only of images... and mostly moving images of the kind you see to the left and below, created by the blog's founder. Maybe the site oughta be called "Go, Go, Gadget GIFs!". It's certainly an excellent place to find just that... and even better, the GIFs are all made directly from the original series. While perhaps not all of them are great, many are very funny and well-made. I'm posting a few of my favorites below just to give you a taste. For more, head right over to (or click here if you want the site's complete archive showcasing all the GIFs to date).


I could watch this all day.

"Go, Go, Gadget Float Coat!"

"Why do I keep hitting the seat?!"

M.A.D. Cat is getting groovy!

“And you’re not even a woman!”

The blog's creator even GIF'ed one of my all-time favorite moments from the show (above), which I myself uploaded to Youtube back in 2009. Have to say I think this particular joke works best when viewed in context... so here is the complete, mind-blowing "And you're not even a woman!" scene for those who are not yet familiar with it:


But enough promoting of my videos. After all, this post is about the stuff you can find on my sister (brother) blog "Go, Gadget, Go!", so head over there and take a look. I should also mention that the site does contain some stuff besides the GIFs as well, like postings of videos and fan art... and it's even got a 'submit' feature allowing anyone to post their own Inspector Gadget-related stuff onto it. Still, the main attraction to me is definitely those GIFs. Keep 'em coming!

"Brain! Come in, Brain! Come in again, Brain!"

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