Friday, June 27, 2014

More Photos of the DHX Crew Animating Gadget

The photo shoot from DHX Halifax continues! This time via the Twitter account of politician Geoff Regan (the husband of Kelly Regan, who tweeted the first photo I showcased). What's up with DHX and all these politicians? Well, the photos circulating around Twitter all seem to stem from an 'open house' tour DHX arranged on the evening of June 24, the day they officially opened their new and larger Halifax studio offices. Here are Geoff's Gadget-related photos:

The original Twitter caption for this one included a little tidbit about the production process:
"Creating animated comedy takes time. A week's work = 40 seconds of a show."

I'm intrigued by these shots of Penny and Gadget (edit: and apparently also Brain in the back seat) inside a car. Is it supposed to be new version of the Gadget Mobile? Also, might this be an example of Penny and Gadget officially working together on a case (since she's an inspector/agent-in-training in the new series)?...

Not much Gadget here, but I believe we might be seeing
an Inspector Gadget model sheet on the wall
right above those computer screens...

And finally, via the Twitter of PR Professional Michelle Crosby, another photo of Len animating on that shot we've already seen. This time around, we see a little more of the on-screen action. Is that possibly Brain in the edge of the left-hand screen, being chased by Gadget?

Thanks to Cortoony for the photo links!


  1. Hi Mesterius,

    french mainstream medias begin to talk about this new serie and I found this new pic !

    Anything new for you ?

    1. That is definitely new to me! Thank you so much for the link - this is the first glimpse we've gotten of Chief Quimby, too! :D