Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Couple of New Series Episode Titles...

...have popped up at the LinkedIn profile of Andrew Anningson, a writer and production manager at DHX. Anningson has been a Studio Production Supervisor on Inspector Gadget and other DHX Halifax productions since January, but his writing credits are what I want to focus on here. In addition to several other animated projects, he wrote two episodes for the new Gadget series last year:

2013 - Inspector Gadget
Comedy / Action
- MADsoaker
- A Penny Saved

Note that the genre of the series is listed as "Comedy / Action". I'm certainly expecting it to be a comedy first, but I wouldn't mind, personally, seeing equal portions of dramatic action. The action element has been sorely downplayed in almost every Gadget production since the original season 1. To me, it's needed to balance the slapstick and give the stories some stake.

Anyway, I do believe those episode titles are the first to appear online. Don't know about you, but I sorta think "MADsoaker" might involve M.A.D agents getting soaked, and "A Penny Saved"... oh, I don't know... Penny getting saved? Wow. Where am I getting all this??

Of course, the most interesting question regarding the latter title would be who saves Penny. Could it be Brain? Could it be Gadget? Or possibly - just possibly - could it be Dr Claw's handsome and crush-worthy nephew Talon?...

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