Wednesday, June 3, 2015

DVD Cover(s) Revealed For Australian "Season 1 Volume 2" of the New TV Series (With Add-On Promotional Images)

A few odd details surround the cover art for the next Australian DVD release from Universal, slated for June 18. Nothing wrong with the motive, but for whatever reason, someone has taken what was already a nice promotional image and replaced Gadget's serious-looking mouth with a smiling one. Even stranger, the cover art is currently circulating online in two different versions. First, there's this (where Gadget's mouth seems seriously misplaced)...

...and then there's this...

...where the mouth is better positioned, but still doesn't look quite natural (I'd say slightly more to the right). This version has other problems, too: it zooms in on the characters more, but the result is that Brain is chopped away, which looks especially odd with one of his arms still visible. Since Gadget's mouth is better placed here, I'm guessing this is the version we'll be seeing on the physical DVD editions... though I much prefer version 1 otherwise.

The number one problem is that the original promo art was created to work as a horizontal image, not a vertical one (as the motive used on Volume 1 was). For comparison, let's look at a few web-released versions of the artwork. This is actually an image I haven't featured in a post earlier (I discovered it many months ago, but it slipped through my fingers because of very little time to update the site), so it's about time, anyway. The below version was found in a DHX distribution catalogue released as a PDF back on September 26, 2014. Click to enlarge:

I think Gadget's non-smiling mouth here looks much better, not just because of the situation - he's on duty and serious about his work - but also for the facial expression as a whole. Is it really that important that all the good guys are smiling on a DVD cover? I'd say the most important thing is to show off their personalities.

A slightly different version was posted on Inspector Gadget's official Facebook page back on December 5, 2014. I like how this one incorporates Dr Claw's new M.A.D. Jet:

Finally, some practical info about the DVD. As I've mentioned once before, the Australian Government's classification lists Volume 2 with a runtime of 130 minutes, so I assume we'll be getting the next six half-hours here, #8 through #13. (Another reason I'm assuming this is that only the first 13 half-hours of season 1 were launched for the initial premiere on Boomerang.) Also, as with Volume 1, I'm assuming a 1080p release on iTunes Australia will pop up concurrently with the physical DVD on June 18. The DVD can currently be pre-ordered from retailers such as Ezy DVDJB Hi-Fi and DVD Warehouse, as well as this, this and this Ebay seller. There's also a possibility for Australian residents to win it for free over at smoothfm.

...oh, and one more thing. I thought it might be interesting to put together a GIF of the two cover versions, showing the differences in composition more clearly. Aside from Gadget's mouth, which of them do you prefer?


  1. Now, don't get me wrong, I love this site dearly, like my own firstborn, and I MOSTLY agree with the content on this Gadget fan "memorial" site...

    ..but this time I have to admit I disagree, and I think you are off mark. I'm of course talking about the smile.

    Yes, I personally rather enjoy the smile of Gadget. Even the crooked one. He should smile, its part of his job after all, and I think that instead of toning down the smile to NOTHING they should have really taken it to the next level instead, so to speak. It would make for a whole a more fresher and GRANDER experience for both the older fans, and give a welcoming appeal to newer audience.

    Here is my suggestion for fortcoming posterarts.

    Its obviously Penny's smile that has been adjusted for Gadget, but still, doesn't it look frickin' great though? I'm not the one usually to blow my own horn, but this time, forget it! It looks awesome! He almost gets that Jokeresque from Batman look, but not so much that you can say its ripping of the Batman universe. Now I know the creators of this site claim they have no affliaition with the creators of the series, but come on, lets be honest, nobody ever believed that. Get working on it.

    1. Hi there, and thank you very much for the compliments! :) But I have to ask... do you really mean to say you don't love this site MORE than your own firstborn...? That stings, dude!

      ...and because I think it needs to be said out loud, right away, to avoid any misinterpretation: Yeah, I'm kidding you with that question up there. (Really. I am.) But I do appreciate hearing that you like the blog. :) (Really. I do.)

      When I first read your thoughts on Gadget's smile I wasn't quite sure what to think... Then I took a look at your image link and couldn't help chuckling. It's quite eye-catching to say the least! Thanks for the laugh. :P

      "Now I know the creators of this site claim they have no affliaition with the creators of the series, but come on, lets be honest, nobody ever believed that."

      This is very flattering, of course, but I'm afraid I'll have to say... no, I don't have any affiliation with the company owning Inspector Gadget. And in the 4+ years this site has been active, only one person (me) has been writing it.

      Speaking seriously for a moment, I'd actually love to work on DVD editions etc. of the original 1983 series, because I honestly think I could make a difference in getting some of the rarer material included. Like for instance the pilot episode: my research over the years tells me that there is likely four different, original versions of it in existence, but no DVD edition released in any country has ever bothered to include more than one version. And the pilot is just one point on my list. You don't necessarily need to spend huge amounts of money to get a better DVD edition of Inspector Gadget released... the most important thing is care.

    2. Oh yes, I know, know.. You're just ONE guy sitting alone in your office doing ALL THIS amazing STUFF. Sure, sure, believable. And NOT AT ALL some huge corporation, right, working around the clock at the people's service. Of course not! Oh, you know who else said the same thing? The Faraohs from Egypt way back in the day, for example. They said they made the pyramids all by themselves, and it was not like they had 1000 slaves or anything doing it for them. Very likely story the Faraohs did the pyramids all by themselves. But I'll leave that story to yourself and the gullible person who believes that. For now.

      This is not the moment to bite the hand that feeds, you see, and I apologize, as I'm a huge fan of your work both on the show and the site. (More than my firstborn even, actually.) I'm trying to pitch a good idea to you and your 1000 staff members(or whatever the number is, might be even more for all I know).

      So, If you are not going to add my smile idea to the new series you are making, could you at the very least consider add my ideas to the banner of the site? I mean, imagine this Mesterius, if that really is your name, having your site on all newspapers globally, with thousands upon thousands of visitors every minute just flowing in for the goodness? Sounds good right? I'm sure it does. Well, its just a quick banner-changing away! Or it, might be… and only one way to find out, right?

      Just an humble suggestion.
      This one is free. On the house. Hope you like it, and that it will be put to good use!

      And um, have a nice day, DIC--- uh, oh no, oh, I mean, uh, ONE GUY.

    3. "Oh yes, I know, know.. You're just ONE guy sitting alone in your office doing ALL THIS amazing STUFF."

      Well, not exactly. Most of the time I sit in my living room. ;)

      The site has been a personal project from day one. That said, though... I have some friends who are helping me out with stuff on occacion (other than the writing). Some of the future posts I've got planned here will reflect that.

      Mesterius is NOT my real name, by the way! (Shocked?)

      ...and yeah, I'll admit it, you made me laugh again. :P Your banner is extremely distinctive, certainly... it's amazing how much one detail can change everything. I'll *seriously* consider that for use. Though would you believe I need to discuss it with my board of directors? (I kind of hope you won't believe that. 'Cause it's NOT TRUE, I tell ya! But you probably will.)

  2. it is a shame... look

    They have cut bad mouth and have top hit , with a touch of blur ... It's horrible , unprofessional to the fullest. and if you look on the front of the DVD case , appears with his mouth As Designed in all the posters are up ... disappointing ... and above edits a strong distributor ...

    1. Yes! Yes Yes! The crooked smile! My beggings were heard. Praise the lord, as he is fantastic.

      As my old and now unfortunately dead grandmother used to say, "a crooked smile is still better than no smile at all.. and you better not lose it, or you're grounded!"

      Thank you DIC, oh, no.. ummmmm.. I mean... MESTERIUS… oh, I mean,
      Wink wink, nudge nudge.