Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Video Interview: Inspector Gadget's Voice Actor Ivan Sherry Chats with Dr Stevil

Here's something which should be fun if you like Gadget's new voice actor: the first video interview I've seen with Ivan Sherry talking about his role, and about the reboot as a whole. Among the things we hear:

  • The series is doing really well across the world (which, of course, is also indicated by Season 2 being in production).
  • Sherry was originally brought in to audition for Dr Claw and Quimby, but pushed to try out as Gadget.
  • Sherry's view on why Inspector Gadget, as a character, continues to resonate with audiences.

The interview was conducted this weekend at the Canadian pop culture expo Hero Fest Lindsay, which Sherry attended as a guest (you may recall he also talked about Gadget during last spring's Hero Fest Kingston) – and for the record, the rather strange interviewer here is "Dr Stevil" of the Chatting With Stevil YouTube show; a character who's an obvious nod/tribute to Dr Evil from Austin Powers. If you know as little about this guy as I did upon finding this video, here's a quick presentation.

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  1. Wow so Gadget's voice actor was auditioning for Claw and Quimby instead? That's actually really interesting. But I think he does a really good job as Gadget so it worked out pretty well.