Friday, August 19, 2011

Edit: The Comic Book is In Stores August 31, Available from Viper's Online Store This Weekend

A small correction on the status of the comic book: I recently posted a comment on Viper Comics' web site asking about Gadget's exact release date, and editor Jessie Garza responded:

Posted by Jessie on 19 August 11 at 6:36am
Sorry for the confusion. The book will be in stores on the last Wednesday of this month. Inspector Gadget book can also be purchased from the and also will be live for orders on the Viper Store ( ) as of this Weekend.
In other words, the book is not out in stores right now - but will be in 12 days, as of Wednesday, August 31. Those not wishing to wait that long can order it online from Viper (and probably other retailers as well, though Amazon still hasn't got the book in stock) as of this weekend! (A quick check reveals that the book hasn't been listed at Viper's Book Store just yet, but the weekend is still young...)

And yes, the Viper Comics Book Store does ship overseas. I asked about that, too;).

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