Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Quick Reminder...

...for those of you who prefer getting your comic books in a shop: Inspector Gadget's first issue from Viper Comics hits U.S. shelves TODAY according to what editor Jessie Garza told me twelve days ago. Look for Inspector Gadget: Gadget on the Orient Express in every book store/comic shop you're in.

Personally, I bought the book just a few days after online ordering became possible, so it's kinda ironic that I'm still waiting for my copy by this point. But I guess shipping to Europe does take its time. When I do get to read the book, my plan is to post an in-depth review of it right here. But that's not all... I have several other plans for this blog, including:

- A walk-through of Inspector Gadget's history in comic strips, from the 80s up until today. (That's right, Viper's effort is far from the first one to translate the Inspector into comic strip form!)
- A presentation of an original UK Annual starring Inspector Gadget, published in the 1980s.
- Gadget's ugliest cover art ever
   ...and, to quote the special features section of a DVD cover, MUCH MORE!!!

In other words, stay tuned. My studies are keeping me pretty occupied right now, so it's hard to tell exactly when I get the time to blog about all this cool stuff. Hopefully before too long. In the meantime, buy/read the comic and don't hesitate to comment here if you've got any viewpoints/opinions about it. Did you like it? Didn't you like it? If so, why? In a little while, you'll certainly be getting a lot of my opinions about it;)

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