Sunday, December 18, 2011

High Quality Gadget Pictures from THIS

The official Inspector Gadget site over at the THIS TV network has a slideshow with many high-quality images from the original series. I think most of the images are scans of original cels... they look noticeably clearer and more colorful than DVD screenshots from the episodes. And, many of them work great as wallpapers! Here are the best-looking ones:

From "Clear Case"

From "A Bad Altitude"

From "The Emerald Duck"

From "Dry Spell"

Very cool image from a pan scene in "Sleeping Gas"

From "Snakin' All Over"

From "Don't Hold Your Breath". This image is flipped when compared to the original episode.

From "Tree Guesses"

From "Amusement Park"

From "The Coo Coo Clock Caper". I love the design in this one.

From "Clear Case"

From "Winter Olympics"/"Gadget in Winterland"

From "Gadget at the Circus"

From "Gadget at the Circus"


  1. Wow! Even the Wang-animated episodes look much better in those pictures than they actually do on DVD and such.