Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas from Inspector Gadget and Santa Claw

Forget the 1992 Christmas special and its Gadgetinis follow-up "Santa Claw". Here's some proper Christmas spirit from Gadget, and from the true Santa Claw...


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  1. LOL! I always loved that bit as a kid! Still cracks me up: "I'd like a choo-choo train, a candy cane, an Inspector Gadget doll..."
    I will admit, I thought "Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas" was pretty decent, and somewhat a step up from the original show's second season. Plus it had Don Adams as Gadget again (though Maurice LaMarche did Gadget's singing voice when he sang that cheesy "12 Days of Christmas" parody), and it marked Frank Welker's return as Dr. Claw. They even added reverb to his voice, just like in many of the first-season episodes! Even Maurice LaMarche made Chief Quimby sound a little closer to his first-season voice. It still wasn't as good as the first season of the main series though (I remember Nickelodeon, when they reran the series, would also include the Christmas special in the show's lineup.

    Wouldn't be surprised if the new series got a Christmas episode too...