Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's

No long-winded new year's piece here -- appropriate as that might be, considering that this year, and especially this past month, has ended up becoming the blog's busiest ever. No, I just wanted to make a short observation of what the first day of the new year will bring: Tomorrow, according to the press, the first, full-fledged premiere of Inspector Gadget's reboot will air on Boomerang Asia. The Asian launch will reportedly include the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Myanmar, so watch for it if you're in any of those countries. One detail I don't know regarding this, though, is the exact airing schedules. I have not been able to find any online TV guides for Boomerang Asia, though I'm sure they're out there somewhere. If anyone knows when Inspector Gadget's first airing (presumably episode 1, "Gadget 2.0") will take place on January 1, please let us know in the comments. I may not have time to do another update before tomorrow, but the information will be there, at least.

Speaking of which: the Cartoon Network Asia site has added a bunch of preview clips from half-hours 1 and 2 in their video section, available to watch for those living in the region. They're no doubt spoiler-heavy, though; so again, proceed at your own risk. (Annoyingly, I can find no TV schedule for Boomerang Asia on the site, only for Cartoon Network. Considering that the site has tons of preview clips for both CN and Boomerang, wouldn't it make sense to also include a TV guide for Boomerang?)

Finally, here's an unrelated, though weirdly appropriate note to end on. I've posted this 2005 Boomerang UK ad for the original series before, but it's worth reprising, as it remains one of the most creative TV spots I've seen for the show. (The best-quality version can be seen here, but it's inembeddable, so I'm posting a Cartoon Network recording below.) And why do I find this appropriate? Well, everything the announcer says at the end (with the possible exception of "4pm") rings true for today...

Anyhow, that's it for this year. As the reboot's premiere draws nerve-wreckingly closer for every country around the globe, and fans everywhere sweatingly await the results, there's really only one more thing to say...


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  1. The CN has a bunch of preview clips on their site but I can't watch them :(